Repair Process - When Will I Have My Car Back?

This is a question we frequently get asked and we reply, "As quick as humanly possible, but with no sacrifice of quality and safety".

The sooner your vehicle is at our workshop, the sooner we can effect the following procedures to get you back on the road with a minimum of delay.

• Claim form completion.

• Fax notification to Insurance Company and/or Broker.

• Damage inspection and appraisal.

• Spare parts availability enquiry.

• Computer estimate of damage. (You only require one estimate).

• Insurance Assessor inspects your vehicle.

• Written Repair Authorisation.

• Schedule and commencement of repairs.

• Repair completion.

• Wash, clean, detail and road test vehicle.

• Insurance clearance.

• Delivery and Life Time Warranty explained.

• 1 month and/or 1000km post repair check.

Throughout all of the above procedures we keep you fully updated and informed of all developments.

"Not only do we care about what we do, we care about how well we do it".