Car Insurance

We frequently experience people who are totally unaware of the performance of their Insurance Company until they have to make a claim.

Often people are not familiar with the terms, conditions and practices of their Insurer when it comes to having their vehicle repaired.

Most Insurance Companies are very good, but some are better than others.

At PARKES BODY WORKS our vast, hands-on, practical experience in dealing with a wide range of Insurance Companies enables us to advise you on your best choice for Car Insurance.


• You usually pay your Insurance Company twelve months in advance. Often you do not know how they perform until you claim, and remember, they have got your money in advance.

• Do not buy Insurance on price alone. Cheap Insurance often indicates problems and delays when you need to claim. The small savings made often turn into expensive losses if your claim is not processed speedily. Remember, like most other "bargains", you get what you pay for.

• Seek an Insurance Company that offers you an "agreed value" policy as opposed to a "market value" policy. In the event of a total loss situation you will know exactly how much money you will be paid.

• Before you pay, ask your Insurance Company what is their policy concerning non-genuine parts, second hand parts and exchange parts with regard to your vehicle.

• Before you sign, ask your Insurer, "Can I choose my own Repairer?"

• No Insurance Company has the absolute right to insist on a particular Repairer or a group of "preferred" body shops. Only you, and you alone have that choice. After all, it is your car! You should be able to say who repairs it.

Talk to your Repairer about Car Insurance.